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Newcastle Allergy Immunology Covid-19 Protocols

Because we deal with patients who are immunosuppressed we are a Covid Safe Surgery.

  1. All staff are fully vaccinated
  2. All rooms are equipped with high quality air filtration units
  3. All staff perform Rapid Antigen tests 2-3 times a week

We encourage patients to consider telehealth if possible!

By confirming your appointment face to face you agree and acknowledge that

  • You are fully vaccinated (you may be asked to show proof)
  • You will be wearing at least a surgical mask, or even better a P2/N95/KN95 mask when attending face to face. Cloth masks unfortunately have not been shown to be effective to prevent the spread of Omicron.
  • You will socially distance while at the practice
  • You do not have COVID-19, or have symptoms such as but not limited to fever, sore throat, cough, fatigue etc.
  • You have not been identified as a close contact in the last 14 days
  • You may consider performing a Rapid Antigen Test prior to your appointment

If your child is ineligible for vaccination or currently unvaccinated, you will be required to show a negative PCR result taken 72 hours prior to their appointment or a Rapid Antigen Test taken on the day of their appointment. If they have received at least a single Covid vaccination, are symptom free and are willing to wear a mask, RAT/PCR is not required.

If the patient needs a carer present, we ask that only one carer attend the appointment to limit the number of people in our waiting room.

If you are unvaccinated, alternative arrangements including telehealth are available. Please contact us for more information.

Please note that due to current covid numbers the consultation portion of your appointment may be conducted via video/phone while in the clinic but testing can still be facilitated if required.

Let’s keep everyone safe